Digital Transformation

It’s all the rage.
But what is it and why is it important? It used to be about modernizing a system or publishing a website to collect information from your customer.  But many efficiency-robbing manual steps still occurred limiting its full potential. Today’s highest performing digital companies – such as Amazon or Netflix – realized long ago that real transformation requires a digital mindset throughout the business even in the smallest of operational areas.  Inefficiencies add up in aggregate generating unwanted frictions leading to unhappy customers and employees.

Eliminate Friction

Application Development Platforms

Low-code/no-code platforms are to application delivery what the advent of the assembly line was to manufacturing
Regardless of your industry, the only way to keep up with customer demand, stave off competition and scale for the future is by rethinking how you deliver applications to your customers, employees and partners.  Building unique apps one at a time is laborious requiring significant maintenance.  Learn how modern application delivery platforms are transforming IT personnel from garage tinkerers to industry titans.


Networks for Digital Transformation

Applications moving to the cloud, combined with an increasingly fragmented user base and growing technologies such as blockchain, 5G, private LTE and IoT are breaking the enterprise’s old hub and spoke network architecture.  Delivering high performance, ultra-security and fine grained access controls is critical to the success of any digital transformation. Learn how Digital Forge is partnering with Dispersive Networks to prepare enterprises for the hyperconnected future.


IS an application development platform RIGHT FOR ME?