Become a digital-first organization with the Digital Forge Transformation Framework

The essence of being a truly digital-first organization is to deliver frictionless interactions at every point in a business process, customer interaction and employee experience while simultaneously generating new business opportunities and exceeding expectations.  The most successful organizations only achieve such a coveted state with a deliberate strategy, committed leadership, enabling technologies and employee talent.  At Digital Forge, we have distilled lessons learned through our combined collective experiences across a range of business functions, technologies and industries into a set of capabilities designed to accelerate your digital transformation journey.  Success is repeatable.

The Digital Forge Transformation Framework

Transformation can't happen in a vacuum.  Focused planning combined with the right technologies delivered in the right way and a secure, high performing network to guarantee your digital assets actually get to users are all needed to reach that next level.  The Digital Forge Transformation Framework reflects this approach delivered by our highly skilled and experienced people.

Digital Strategy

Three key themes have emerged in recent years reflecting the collective wisdom of highly successful digital-first organizations.

  1. Transform Customer Experience through a data-driven understanding of their needs to expose new opportunities for value and interaction across the multitude of digital channels available in our modern world.
  2. Transform Business Models through the recognition that legacy models on aging technologies can quickly lead your organization to irrelevance requiring renewed focus on creating new or changing existing models
  3. Transform Operations by treating your employees and internal processes like you would your customers.

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Application Delivery Platforms

Enterprises don't have time to waste if they wish to remain competitive.  Today's advanced low-code/no-code application delivery platforms enable IT shops to more quickly design, build, test, deploy and reuse capabilities than by building applications from scratch.  We see such platforms as key enablers for Digital Transformation efforts.

  1. Platform Center of Excellence coordinates efforts from across the business and IT to manage and drive the lifecycle of platform applications ensuring optimal capability reuse and the ongoing measurement of value delivered
  2. Deliver combines solution architecture definition, user interface design, configuration, development and testing
  3. Operate combines the administration and infrastructure management of the platform with a DevOps oriented pipeline approach for continuous integration and deployment

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Network Transformation

It's easy to assume that the internet just works or that it's out of the enterprise's control.  Doing so puts your digital efforts at risk.  Are your assets being exposed to theft?  How does your user's network connection effect their experience?  Expanding your digital portfolio adds complexity in managing digital distribution, IoT integration and securing data.  Digital Forge solves these and other problems through our partnership with Dispersive Networks.

  1. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) converges the functions of network and end point security solutions into a unified, global cloud-native service enabling fine grained control of the application and network resources available to devices, users, locations, etc.
  2. Security & Performance - Tune applications for improved security and performance ensuring your digital
  3. VPN Replacement - Replace the VPN with a faster, more secure and less expensive DVN

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